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Last night I had this dream about Ono Daisuke…..

I was outside of a building waiting for someone and then an older version OnoD arrived in a car…


but, he wasn’t alone there was a woman with him and when this woman got out of the car, she was carrying a child, a 2/3 year old little girl.

When I shook his hand (apparently I was waiting for him), he introduce them as his wife and daughter; she lean her head and introduce herself as his manager and wife!!!

In my dream as well in reality I was in shock, I just couldn’t breath and I turn to see the person beside me and asked “is this true?" he just nodded. I remember I chatted with them but I cant remember what it was about.

It’s been a while since I had a dream that at the very moment of waking up I felt like shit and at the verge of crying… it still pains me, I can feel the knot in my throat & the whole day I was spacing out.

I know he will marry (or maybe he’s already married), it’s his right to get marry to whomever he wants, and his happiness is indeed my happiness & it might be childish/selfish of me to say but, cant I just keep dreaming?

I really dont wanna know.


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  2. bloodredsakura said: I have to say that I totally underdtand you. I mean, I adore him, and not in love with him, but if he’ll get married I think I’ll cry :/ Unless he’ll announce that he has a relationship with Kamiyan, which I’m all for :>
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